Cyton 1.2 Pre-Update

April 7'th 2017


Fixed - Texture Glitch | Left Wing

Fixed - Ambient Occlusion Glitch | Wood Crates

Fixed - Skill Menu UI Scaling Issue

Fixed - Pause Menu UI Animation Performance Issues

Fixed - Collision Error Left Wing Walls

Fixed - Trim Overlapping | Left Wing

Fixed - Player Could Buy More Upgrades Than Available

Fixed - Flashlight Button Response Time

Fixed - Flashlight Directional Error

Fixed - Lightmapping Peformance Issues


Added - Skill Menu UI Animations

Added - Pause Menu Functionality

Added - Graphical Options

Added - Super Resolution Support

Added - 4K Texture Support

Added - Menu Sounds & Blips

Added - Updated Menu Music

Added - NEW Ambient Music Track

Added - Left Wing Expansion

Added - Visual Wall And Floor Grunge

Added - Blood FX | Blood Grunge & Dirt

Added - Death Screen Functionality

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